Walking into a new church can be intimidating and at times terrifying depending on your previous church experience. If you are considering attending one of our worship gatherings, we pray that you would take the vulnerable step and come check it out! We can’t fully describe what you will experience, but at least we can try to give you an idea of what to expect.

On a Sunday morning you might see some people in a suit and tie, others in a t-shirt and shorts, and many combinations in between.  We believe that God doesn’t expect us to clean ourselves up before we come to Him and His church; so we say, come as you are.

Our worship gatherings usually last around one hour and fifteen minutes and include worship through music, the preaching of God’s Word, and prayer.  We also periodically celebrate through communion and believer’s baptism.

Our prayer for every gathering is that you would feel welcomed and loved and that you wouldn’t leave the building thinking about how awesome the architecture was or how funny (or funny looking) you thought the preacher was. We want you to leave our gathering amazed at God’s inescapable love expressed through the finished work of Jesus Christ. If you don’t remember anything when you leave our gathering except how radically awesome Jesus is, we view that as a huge success.​​​​​​​


Q: What time is the service, and how long will it last?

A: Sunday Morning Worship starts at 10:00am and concludes around 11:15am.

Q: Is the worship style contemporary or traditional?


A: Our worship services are a mix of traditional and contemporary.



Q: What version of the Bible is used during the service?


A: We typically use the English Standard Version (ESV).



Q: What should I wear?

A: On Sunday mornings you'll see suits and shorts, heels and high tops, and everything in between, so feel free to come as you are!

Q: Where do I go for the service?

A: Our Worship Center is located West of the foyer, but feel free to stop by the Welcome Center if you need additional help.

Q: Is child care available?



A: Yes! We have nursery staff available during Sunday School and Morning Worship. All student ministry volunteers over the age of 18 have completed a background check.

Q: Where do I park?

A: The main parking lot (on Rt 49) has visitor parking at the front. There are also several handicap spaces available for those that need them.​​​​​​​


Q: How do I become a member?



A: The quickest and easiest way is to set up a meeting with one of our pastors. He will have some questions about your faith journey and will want to share information with you about the church. Then, during Sunday morning invitation, you will come forward and request membership through baptism, transfer membership, or by statement that you have been saved and baptized (your meeting with the pastor will determine which of these is the best fit for you).

Q: Do I have to be a member to participate in church programs?


A: No, we encourage everyone to get plugged in whether you're a member or not. However, you do have to be a member to be part of a committee, as committee members make decisions on behalf of the church.