Quick Intro: *Awkward wave*


Nickname: Val, Valaria, or if you're my dad: Irene


Ministry Role: Administrative Assistant & VBS Director


Family: Wife to AJ & foster/adoptive mom


My Typical Day: Make all the things happen!


Regular Coffee Order: Iced Caramel Macchiato or Hot Cinnamon Roll Latte


Life Motto: Philippians 1:21


Favorite Movie or TV Show: Probably a kids' movie like Free Willy or Fly Away Home


Favorite Scripture: Romans 8


Previous Jobs: Oh this, that, and the other... most notably photographer, but I still do that a bit on the side.


Dream Vacation: Well I've already been to Israel, but I would definitely go back!


When & Where I Got Saved: 16 years old at a youth event in Effingham


Sports I Am NOT Good At: I like to think I'm not half bad at most sports, but no one will ever label me as GOOD at any of them.


Pet Peeves: Leaving cabinet doors and drawers just barely open


One Thing I Would Like to Learn: Oh my! Everything! This is why I didn't succeed in college... I couldn't stick with anything because I had so many interests!


People Who Inspire Me: People who can seemlessly blend casual conversation into gospel conversations!


Least Favorite Food: Grilled Cheese


Life-Changing Moment: Going to Israel and becoming a foster mom


Favorite Book(s): Genesis, Psalms, Proverbs, Matthew, Acts, Romans, Ephesians, James, and 1 John (to name a few)


Things That Make Me Laugh: Literally everything! I'm annoying!


Things I Do In My Spare Time: Lose track of it! HA!


Something Weird About Me: I have 6 toes on my right foot.


Hidden Talent: I've been able to say the Alphabet backwards since I was 4.


The Most Adventurous Thing I've Ever Done: Become a foster parent! And traveling to Spain on my own... though I'm not sure if that was adventurous or just plain crazy!


Least Favorite Thing to Do: Make phone calls!! (Typical millennial, right? Please tell me I'm not alone!)