Quick Intro: Husband, Dad, Youth Pastor, Drummer (don’t hold that against me!)


Ministry Role: Associate Pastor of Student Ministry


Family: Wife, Ginny, and son, Sean


My Typical Day: DRINK COFFEE!, Quiet time with God, Study, lesson prep.


Regular Coffee Order: Extra large black coffee.


Life Motto: Celebrate the wins!


Favorite Movie or TV Show: The Quiet Man (staring John Wayne)


Favorite Scripture: “All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”  2 Timothy 3:16


Previous Jobs: Baker, Automotive Technician, Automotive Parts Salesman.


Dream Vacation: A trip to Ireland


One Thing Most People Don’t Know About Me: I have T-Rex arms ( not only am I short, my arms are like super short)


Favorite Singer or Band: TobyMac, Skillet, WHATUPRG.


When & Where I Got Saved: At the age of 13 at the First United Methodist Church, Mattoon Il.


Sports I Am NOT Good At: Anything that requires height LOL. Which is like every sport so….. yea not a sports guy.


Fears: SNAKES!


One Thing I Would Like To Learn: How to play the bagpipes.


People Who Inspire Me: My wife, she is amazing!


Least Favorite Food: Pretty much anything that has a sauce on it. Oh and any salad dressing UGH! Just nasty!


Life-Changing Moment: I have 2, Meeting my wife and seeing my newborn son.


Favorite Book(s): Why the number 1 best seller in the world of course THE BIBLE.

"Defending Your Faith" by Dan Story and "Sifted" by Rick Lawerence.


Things That Make Me Laugh: JR High boys!


In My Spare Time: Confession time, I am a workaholic so free time is foreign to me. (yes I am working on getting better), I do have a side by side that I enjoy riding.


Something Weird About Me: Everything!


Hidden Talent: That would require me to have a talent and……. I got nothin.


The Most Exotic Place I’ve Ever Been: Alaska


Least Favorite Thing To Do: Fly and Washing dishes!