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Quick Intro: Husband. Father. Pastor. Friend. Coffee Drinker. Musician. Hunter/Fisherman.


Nickname: "Hey you" or JONATHON (in an angry voice when I'm in trouble).


Ministry Role: Pastor


Family: My wife, Lindsay (we married May 28, 2005); our son, Nolan; and our daughter, Marleigh.


Dream Vacation: Sitting on a boat or in the woods with nothing planned except the next meal.


Regular Order at Starbucks: Venti Pike's Place Roast (for all you non-Starbuck-ian speakers, that's a large coffee, black, no sugar).


Life Motto: Mottos? We don't need no stinking mottos!


Favorite Movie: Where do I start? Napoleon Dynamite...


Favorite Scripture: "The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the defense of my life; Whom shall I dread?" -Psalm 27:1


Things That Fascinate Me: How a plane can get off the ground and land in one piece. How a child develops in their mother's womb. How our minds and bodies work so perfectly when there are so many things that could go so wrong. How my wife and kids could ever tolerate me, much less love me. How God could love me in spite of all that I do wrong and forgive me over and over without fail.


One Thing Most People Don't Know About Me: I am incredibly introverted and prefer to spend time by myself (or maybe with one or two close friends).


Favorite Singer/Band: Hillsong United, Jesus Culture, Vertical Church Band, Elevation Worship, Crowder (I can't pick one).


When & Where I Got Saved: 1986 in my home outside Eldorado, IL


Sports I Am NOT Good At: Sports. All of them.


Least Favorite Food: Hot dogs. Because they're not really a food. It's like a pseudo-food made of meat-like paste. They should not be eaten.


Fears: That a hot dog might ever try to enter my mouth at any point.


People Who Inspire Me: My grandfather, my uncle, and my friends (a group of about 10 guys) all of whom have taught me to love Jesus.


Life-Changing Moment: The day I married my wife. Best. Day. Ever.


Favorite Books: The Bible (duh!), Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart (J.D. Greear), Brothers We Are Not Professionals (John Piper), Who Stole My Church? (Gordon MacDonald).


Quirks: I don't have any. Just kidding. I am a quirk.


In My Spare Time: I enjoy hunting and fishing. I like to watch football. Naps are good. I listen to and play music.


Hidden Talent: If I expose it, then it won't be hidden anymore. Shhhhhh... it's a secret.


The Most Exotic Place I've Ever Been: Hawaii and Israel. Both are awesome!


The Most Adventurous Thing I've Ever Done: I used to rappel and rock climb with my youth minister, Curt, when I was in Jr. High.


Least Favorite Thing To Do: Run. I only run when something big and hairy is chasing me.